Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roses at the Majlis

Cairo. Mathematics. The development of the lute. West Coast Swing dance. These were some of the many topics discussed (in English, French, Spanish and, I believe, Punjabi) over cider, raspberry juice and a variety of sweets as we viewed the myriad of roses to be found in the Majlis last Saturday.
Tricia Postle provides Majlis Rose Tour.
Artistic Director Tricia Postle provided tours of the roses, telling us of their botany and history. Unfortunately there were too many names for me to remember so  I am going to post some of them and ask the good lady to let me know what they are.

fig. 1 Clematis "polish spirit" (1984)

fig. 2 "Complicata" (a very old gallica rose, date unknown)

fig. 3 "New Dawn" (1930)

fig. 4 Clematis "polish spirit" (1984)

fig. 5 "White Dawn" (1949)

fig. 6 Kordes miniature (so Tricia believes - a rescue)

fig. 7 "White Dawn" (1949)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Contributor - Kristine Maitland

I am so happy to join the Majlis as contributor to this blog.  Pictures of the rose garden will be up next week and I look forward to reporting on upcoming events.