Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fringe with YARN and the WindDown Festival.

It is our pleasure to announce the Fringe festival is coming to the Majlis (a.k.a Venue #27)!

The Majlis will play host to YARN - written/performed by Alex Eddington and directed/dramaturged by Tyler S├ęguin - as well as to the WindDown Festival, a series of intimate performances with different acts.YARN, "a true story (with live music) of standing stones, superstition... and sheep", runs July 4-14, every night at 7:30pm ( a 60 minute performance).

Fringe show YARN is  followed by WindDown Festival shows at 9:00pm (why have one festival when you can have two different ones at the same venue!?!). Each performance - for both YARN and WindDown Festival performances -  is $10 at the door.

For more information see

More details about the WindDown Festival to come in upcoming posts.